May we introduce ourselves?

We are NWE-IT!

Neumann, Weber and Esser - In short: NWE!
We have dispensed with unnecessary puns. Just as we do without unnecessary bells and whistles when connecting your worlds.
Goal-oriented, clear, structured and without detours, we also optimize your workflow.

Do you like working with professionals?
Professionals who think along and solve problems instead of causing more?
Professionals who do an excellent job, saving you time and money?
Then you've come to the right place - because we have the master in cleverness!

Each team member of NWE-IT is characterized by a particularly high level of care, competence and common sense.
Together this makes our team simply unbeatable!

At NWE-IT, what belongs together comes together - not only in your infrastructure, but also personally! Each of our team members is highly motivated to develop for you exactly the exceptional and functional solution that will make your life significantly easier. In doing so, we act like well-oiled cogwheels that mesh smoothly with each other: Economically and responsibly, we look at each task from different angles and work together to develop the optimal approach for each project. 

Our project managers and team leaders Hanno Neumann and Markus Weber, who have been successfully connecting worlds together since 2017, are leading the implementation. In 2018, Dominique Esser joined the team as a communication genius and mediator between the worlds. Sympathetic, friendly and approachable, they, together with our team of IT professionals, then bring together with different approaches what may have seemed impossible.
Try it out for yourself and get to know us - you can reach your four main contacts here:

Hanno Neumann

I build the bridges for the communication of your infrastructure!

Hanno Neumann

IT Senior Consultant

Trainings / Programming
Markus Weber

I find a solution for every universe in its language!

Dipl.-Inf. Markus Weber

IT Senior Consultant

Project management / conceptual design
Dominique Esser

I create connections and translate for the people behind them!

Dominique Esser

Technical Support

Trainings / Programming
Veronika Weinand

I bring order to the administration - and keep the store running!

Veronika Weinand

Head of Administration

Management / Back Office