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A self-service solution for the Federal Employment Agency.

Fujitsu, arcserve and NWE-IT: Strong together

What do you do when the Federal Employment Agency comes to you and asks you to develop a customized backup solution for them? You look for strong partners and work with the best in the business!

In this case, Fujitsu contacted us after receiving the request to work with us to complete the task and synchronize the Federal Agency's existing backup environment with its user interface.
The express wishes of the client: We need a solution that automates our backup offering, which is based on Arcserve technology, as much as possible. In addition, monitoring and management must be controlled via the Orchestrator user interface and synchronized with the Federal Agency's private cloud.

Sounds exciting? It is! However, since there are no problems for us, only projects, we went straight to the solution. The result is a middleware we developed that enables two-way communication between the two systems - for both agent-based and agentless backup of data. This can look as follows, for example:

Possible communication channels

Option 1: Orchestrator requests
A user needs a virtual machine with Windows interface, selected software and access to certain cloud services. In its familiar user interface, it creates the desired VM with an automated backup plan according to predefined templates with just a few clicks and simple pull-down menus. Orchestrator provisions the VM and Arcserve immediately takes the machine into automatic backup according to the selected plans. This leaves the user with a high degree of flexibility in managing the backups, if desired. For example, he can also subsequently select another backup plan, create an adhoc backup, pause the backups or delete the machine from the backup plan again. In this way, the main functionality is at the user level, significantly reducing the burden on the administrator level and eliminating the need for a backup team to intervene.
Option 2: Arcserve requests
The most important thing here is that the entire backup control is automated, i.e. not a single employee has to manually initiate a backup. Arcserve requests the data according to the defined plans at the defined time in defined time intervals and distributes them fully automatically to different storage locations for the best possible and even utilization of the data stores. In addition, even after a machine is deleted, data is retained for a predefined time to allow recovery and is deleted in a fully automated manner once it has exceeded its individually assigned retention time.

But that is not all!
The development of this innovative solution, including a graphical user interface controlled by a browser, earned us the "Best Use of Arcserve Technology" award - because no one but us has yet succeeded in developing such a highly automated backup control solution that is also so easy to use and controllable via the Internet. Of course, we are particularly proud of this!

After completion of the project Orkan Akcelik, Product Owner Backup Recovery, IaaS, IT system house of BA, praised our work:

"In collaboration with Fujitsu and NWE-IT, the Federal Employment Agency's IT department has succeeded in offering its users and IT customers a comprehensive option for managing their data backups in the BA's self-service private cloud platform. The Backup Recovery product team was thus able to adequately meet the requirements of digitalization, increasing development speed and modern IT."

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Initial Situation at Berry (former RPC)

Efficient Arcserve Backup Error Management with the BuX-Ray Console by NWE-IT

We had to monitor manually approx. 6000 backup nodes, spread over 45 backup servers with miscellaneous replications, as Arscerve UDP doesn't offer a differentiated, informative error monitoring. (Edit: Meanwhile, there are more than 8000 backup nodes spread over 65 servers, still managed by the NWE-IT solution).

We talk here about around 25k jobs every 7 days, some of which because of not more specifically detailed causes generate error- or warnings in form of emails. Our staff was bombarded with them. Three staff members had to invest their complete working hours for the daily check of servers, listing of errors and the assignment of co-workers to fix the problems.

Once per week we had to write an excel report, which included all jobs that failed twice or more over a period of 7 days. This was extremely time and therefore cost intensive, as the productive working hours of our co-workers were massively bound.

The solution - by NWE-IT

The experts of NWE-IT, a german company with high expertise in the departments Software-Development, Client-Server-Solutions, Web-based-Solutions, IT-Security-Management, IT-Consulting, Coaching and more were commissioned to develop a web-based Dashboard called BuX-Ray Console, where all errors would be displayed and could be easily processed.

The dashboard not only shows how many jobs failed in a given time period, but also allows our staff to address errors directly and set it to solved after fixing.
The BuX-Ray Console is also connected to the Arcserve knowledge database, so that just by clicking on an error code you will be redirected to the appropriate knowledgebase article.
Reports can be generated automatically in any given timeframe or manually if needed, with just a mouseclick. These reports not only show the accumulated error messages, but also if they are already processed or still open.
The management receives an automated weekly report (over the last 7 days), which clearly lists the amount of accurate backup jobs, errors, who is handling/handled the errors and the respective error status.
The BuX-Ray Console what sounds so simple, is a very sophisticated and highly efficient tool. With the joint solution of Arcserve and NWE-IT we now have a transparent and efficient monitoring of our backup servers.

(Reference client: Berry, Rushden, UK)

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For more information on Arcserve and the "Best Use of Arcserve Technology", please visit our Solutions page.

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