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BuX-Ray Plus -
the self-service addon

Our web API for mediation between your
Infrastructure and your backup technology

Reliable, user-friendly, flexible -
and can be integrated into any workflow!

✔ You need a modern solution for controlling your backups that saves time
and with which each user can conveniently manage their own backups?

✔ Which enables automatic communication between your infrastructure and your backup technology?

✔ Which can be so flexibly adapted to your growing environment?

✔ Which, for example, includes highly automated virtual machines in backup plans?

✔ Which also allows you to create individual backup plans according to templates?

✔ And which can be tailored individually for each client?

Our unrivaled self-service middleware makes it possible!

BuX-Ray Plus relieves your IT on admin level!

The future-oriented and competitive middleware allows individual control of data backup from each workstation.
The Web API offers operation on at least two levels: Each user has the option of independently controlling his backups within the scope of the permissions assigned to him.

The cockpit for first, second and third level users / administrators offers further extensive functions,
for example, comprehensive reporting and automatic plan generation according to your wishes.
Depending on the existing infrastructure, a modularly extended range of functions is also possible.

And the best thing is: You simply work with our middleware in your familiar environment!
We easily connect your existing work environment with your backup technology with BuX-Ray Plus.

Secure your data with us in a reliable, user-friendly, scalable and future-oriented way.

The possibilities with BuX-Ray Plus at a glance:

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You decide,
which range of functions you want:

Whether Pure Self-Service or with cockpit extension -.
The choice is yours!

Discover here with pleasure also the DASHBOARD functionality "BuX-Ray Console". to the self-service addon "BuX-Ray Plus".

What exactly can a process using BuX-Ray Plus look like?

Schematic overview: Our sample workflow!

So what exactly does our Web API offer? Quite simply: comfort. Safety. And maximum cost and time savings!

Follow our sample workflow and you will see that automating your IT management has a number of advantages: each employee can independently control their own backups - without the risk of making a mistake in the control. Your IT department is greatly relieved and your data is secure at all times.

If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to answer them personally - contact us!

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