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We are Arcserve partner

- and thus officially offer you
excellent service for your backup
and data protection solutions.

Arcserve & Storagecraft

One of the best-known providers of data protection and backup solutions in the world: Arcserve has established itself as a reliable partner that offers solutions with particularly high availability, storage solutions and, above all, the best possible protection for its customers' data, over and above ordinary backup. We are listed as an official partner with Arcserve and can help you ...

✔ ... create and implement optimized backup solutions for you

✔ ... in case of problems or errors in your backup workflow

✔ ... for special requests that require a special solution (also beyond the Arcserve standard)

✔ ... with workshops and training sessions tailored to your needs on how to use and set up your system.

✔ ... if you need a refresher training for your (new or updated) backup system

✔ ... in the management of your licenses

✔ ... if you have questions about the application or the system

Best Use of Arcserve Technology

We are excellent Arcserve partners!

The Arcserve Partner Program creates strategic value, ensuring the best possible performance of your data protection and disaster recovery solution.
With this in mind, Arcserve selects hand-picked partners to serve as expert contacts from design and development to maintenance and support of your Arcserve solution, ensuring that you are well taken care of around the clock. It doesn't matter whether you are already using an Arcserve solution for your high-performance data protection or are just considering purchasing one: As an Arcserve partner, we are here to help you find the best possible data protection solution.

In this way, we not only bring you the modern and secure technology from Arcserve, but also offer you our excellent services to help you integrate it into your existing infrastructure. And because we are not only good at this, but also particularly good at it, we received the "Best Use of Arcserve Technology" award in 2021 - and even the "Partner Technical Excellence Award" the following year, in 2022. Read more about it below.

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A particularly high degree of automation

Reduce the error rate of your employees - with our help.

Yes, we are excellent Arcserve partners. Yes, we have the "Best Use of Arcserve Technology Award." But what does that mean exactly?
The best way is to show you with a concrete example. In this case, on the example that earned us the award.

Our success story will follow shortly.
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... and it goes even better:
Partner Technical Excellence Award 2022!

In 2021, we received an award for best use of Arcserve technologies. In 2022, we were able to top this great performance and were now awarded the Partner of Technical Excellence Award due to unparalleled technical expertise!

Each year, Arcserve gathers the right people with the right skills who cultivate an environment of constant technological advancement in the use of Arcserve technologies to determine the Excellence Award winner among them. With this award, Arcserve underscores a collaboration that is particularly characterized by expertise. As the winner of this exceptional award, we at NWE-IT combine special commitment to our customers with service-oriented solutions as well as the highest level of user-friendliness in dealing with Arcserve technologies.

Test the test winner: We will be even more pleased if you confirm the technical expertise!

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We have the master in "ARCSERVE"!

"Best Use of Arcserve Technology" - the best possible use of Arcserve technology. This is an award that is only presented once a year to a single partner: The one that has understood how to get the best possible benefit from technology for its customers.

In 2021, we were the recipients of this special award. We developed an extension to an Arcserve backup solution that is fully automated, completely integrated into the customer's infrastructure, clearly structured and self-service optimized. This saves our client a huge amount of time - and has completely eliminated the error rate at user level.

With this enormous level of commitment and the increase in usability for the technology to the highest level, we have earned the award.
... and of course we are working hard to continue to improve!

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