BuX-Ray Console -

our multi-client capable dashboard for your
Backup monitoring and/or backup management

BuX-Ray - that stands for "Backup-X-Ray"!
With this highly efficient tool you will have your backup environment
always in view and can also manage them (if desired).

The BuX-Ray Console is a global management tool for centralized monitoring
and/or for centralized control of your backup environment.

Choose between the BuX-Ray Console "Smart" and BuX-Ray Console "Pro" variants, which differ in their range of functions in terms of monitoring and automation. The tool is always modular, can be extended at any time and is individually tailored to your needs. Optimal performance is achieved in combination with our self-service add-on BuX-Ray "Plus" - but of course you can also obtain the BuX-Ray Console separately.

We configure your BuX-Ray Console individually and set it up completely.
For the basic setup of your backup solution, a comprehensive workshop is held in advance to determine which workflows are required by you and implemented by us. This is followed by the basic configuration and implementation of the tool into your infrastructure.

Best of all, our BuX-Ray Console is browser-based - you don't need any additional software, but can easily integrate the tool into your IT infrastructure.

BuX-Ray Console "Smart":

✔ A multi-client capable dashboard with
complete status overview of your entire
Backup environment - at a glance!

✔ Within this dashboard, you can view errors
directly - with just a few clicks in
clearly presented categories

✔ You will receive a customized
User interface with your reporting preferences

✔ Issue flexible reports -
for e.g. internal matters, controlling or audits

✔ Use the sophisticated ticket system for
resource-saving error handling

✔ Get a clear status overview /
Insight into the current memory utilization
and the entire infrastructure

✔ For simplified troubleshooting, access the following
to a customizable, scalable wiki

BuX-Ray Console "Pro":

✔ The entire functional scope of
BuX-Ray Console "Smart

You receive according to your wishes individually
enhanced possibilities for management and
Self-service management of your backups,
such as:

- Remove machines from a backup plan

- Initialize an adhoc backup

- Assign other backup schedules or create
new backup plans based on templates

- Pause or restart individual nodes

- ... as well as many other management functionalities
according to your wishes and specifications

This is how the dashboard of your BuX-Ray Console can look like:

And this is how BuX-Ray works for you:

✔ BuX-Ray makes use of an existing AD (Active Directory),
to control the functions of the user interface and the possibilities of the user.

✔ This means: You have full control! Via the maintenance of your AD you take over the allocation of authorizations.
Our API distributes the data and ensures the correct display of user permissions in the user interface.

✔ All logs are documented so that errors can be traced if necessary.
Of course, absolutely data protection compliant according to the most modern standards -
all info is stored exclusively encrypted in the database.

Optional features of the BuX-Ray Console:


✔ Backup status of individual backup plans
and the individual nodes, client-based
including replication and merge jobs

✔ Pause status of your backups
(Are backups or nodes paused?).

✔ Replication status

✔ Mergestatus

✔ Datastore monitoring including status-
Information about the storage media
(stopped, crowded, blocked, free, blocked)

✔ Monitoring corrupt datastores

✔ Status of the arcserve console

✔ Status of the arcserve database

✔ Status of the arcserve RPS / -DS

✔ License monitoring

. and many more possibilities -
the BuX-Ray Console is fully compliant with
Can be controlled according to your wishes.


✔ Add, delete, pause
or move nodes

✔ Adhoc backups with one click

✔ Deployment status for individual agents

✔ Create or supplement backup plans

✔ Create plan templates

✔ Permissions and access rights
define and change

✔ Define plan times in order to
Optimize utilization and/or
not to hinder the operational processes

✔ Set up standing orders
(for example, if a machine regularly
is maintained, the backup plan can
automated at these times
be paused)

... here also applies: the full range of functions
of your BuX-Ray Console is completely adapted to your
needs adapted. Many more options
to automate your backups are possible.

Learn more about the
BuX-Ray Console functionality -

Ask us directly and individually!